Farm Fresh Tomatoes - Fresh from the field. Price per 3 Tomatoes. Please select pickup location in the options menu. Please select which variety you wish to purchase based on availability from the drop down menu. We will have: Early Girl, Rutger, Mountain Fresh, German Pink, Jet Star, Celebrity, Golden Boy, Mortgage Lifter, William Plummer (A local heirloom type only available in this area)

Tomatoes - Different Varieties Available

Pickup Location

    Farm Pick Up Hours

    Delivery Hours

    13010 State Highway 9

    Grayson, Ky 41143

    Tel: 606-475-9145

    Carter City

    Fridays:  10am - 11am


    Saturdays: 9am - 11am

    Wednesdays: 12pm - 2pm

    Wednesdays: 4pm - 6pm​​

    Fridays:      11:30am - 1pm

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