If you are interested in locally grown, farm fresh produce, and supporting your local farmers please consider purchasing one of our CSA offerings. This CSA share is  suitable for two people and is delivered Weekly to one of our convenient pickup locations. 12 Shares will be delivered this season starting July 3rd  and ending September 18th. Possible share contents are shown in the above pictures, contents may change and items on the list may be added or removed depending upon harvest quantity and crop season. Please choose your pickup location from the options list.  If you wish to create a new drop off area, please let us know. We only need a few people in your drop off area to create a new spot... so tell your friends to sign up as well.

2021 CSA Share - Weekly -12 Weeks

  • If you cancel your CSA membership before June 30, 2021, we will refund $15 for each remaining box in the CSA season as of your cancellation date. Share prices cannot be refunded after June 30.

  • Scarbro Farm 2021 CSA Membership Agreement


    By purchasing a CSA share, I agree to accept the risks and rewards associated with farming. I understand that Scarbro Farm will work hard to produce the best possible crop, but I also understand that crops may be damaged by natural forces beyond the farmer’s control. I understand that if natural forces destroy the crop my share may be affected by such damage.


    I understand that the share will be divided into 12 portions, available weekly beginning in June and continuing until September. I understand that the price I pay for my share is an investment in the farm’s operating budget and that it cannot be refunded after June 30th, 2021. I have read and accept the return policy.


    I understand that if a certain crop may be short, Scarbro Farm will substitute for an abundant crop or offer free range brown eggs in that crops place. I understand that items not included in the CSA share can be added at an additional cost.